The example building consists of the main block and a service block connected by expansion joint and is therefore structurally separated (Figure 1). As you can see, each professional provides specialized information and services, yet each relies on the others for guidance throughout the process. >> All studs to be stud grade or better, kiln dried to 19% moisture content or less. Direct elevator access from parkade to residential floors ii. SAMPLE CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. General The Work shall be carried out according to these Specifications whether specifically mentioned elsewhere or not. Specification (GS) in Hong Kong solely for maintenance works in residential buildings. ArCH is an American organization of Licensed Architects, although many of the ArCHproducts, available on the ArCHstore , can assist Architects globally, adjusted for each Country & State of practice. /Parent 5 0 R … A. endobj /Length 18 0 R Description 8/18/09 T.O.C., 8.1-8.1.5 & Revised the specifications for Solar Electric metering and tagging. General Specification for Building 2017 Edition The 2017 edition of the General Specification for Building has incorporated updates and revisions to the 2012 edition (incorporating Corrigendum No. Specification For Single Residential Home Renovation/Repair Address: 309 South Green Street, Allerton, IA 50008 Homeowner: Phyllis Wolfe February 2014 . endobj GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. 2. Although an optimistic "can do" attitude by the Owner is admirable, be mindful that these specialties exist out of necessity. PDF | Specifications, as drivers of good standard of construction, are suffused with a lot of challenges in Nigeria. Your Construction Specification Plan should include a complete layout of your property lot with surveyed dimensions and property boundary lines. Site i. They include: 1. the drawings, specification and other documents (see below) from which the building is to be constructed, altered, demolished or removed 2. the proposed procedures for inspection during construction 3. the definition of the intended building use 4. details of specified systems and procedures for their inspection and maintenance. /F1 8 0 R endstream Residential Buildings 3.1 General Loads are a primary consideration in any building design because they define the nature and magnitude of hazards or external forces that a building must resist to provide reasonable performance (i.e., safety and serviceability) throughout the structure’s useful life. 12 0 obj << 4 0 obj Where houses have to be built in these locations, design must incorporate resistance to locally experienced hazards. building specifications to accompany your plans for new homes, additions,alterations. stream 231 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 234 /H [ 1559 1110 ] /L 150783 /E 49534 /N 34 /T 146044 >> endobj xref 231 47 0000000016 00000 n 0000001291 00000 n 0000001386 00000 n 0000002669 00000 n 0000003086 00000 n 0000003117 00000 n 0000003398 00000 n 0000003790 00000 n 0000003812 00000 n 0000003926 00000 n 0000005276 00000 n 0000005672 00000 n 0000005853 00000 n 0000006533 00000 n 0000013358 00000 n 0000013841 00000 n 0000014576 00000 n 0000015076 00000 n 0000015507 00000 n 0000015787 00000 n 0000021102 00000 n 0000021505 00000 n 0000021535 00000 n 0000021593 00000 n 0000023489 00000 n 0000023512 00000 n 0000023960 00000 n 0000024665 00000 n 0000025006 00000 n 0000031317 00000 n 0000031763 00000 n 0000032083 00000 n 0000032425 00000 n 0000032867 00000 n 0000033049 00000 n 0000036812 00000 n 0000037083 00000 n 0000037343 00000 n 0000037743 00000 n 0000037863 00000 n 0000040187 00000 n 0000040234 00000 n 0000040441 00000 n 0000041259 00000 n 0000041338 00000 n 0000001559 00000 n 0000002647 00000 n trailer << /Size 278 /Info 230 0 R /Root 232 0 R /Prev 146033 /ID[<7efb75cea4c739c46b836a2f2c81f295>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 232 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 226 0 R /Metadata 224 0 R /AcroForm 233 0 R >> endobj 233 0 obj << /Fields [ 236 0 R ] /DR << /Font << /ZaDb 222 0 R /Helv 223 0 R /HeBo 239 0 R >> /Encoding << /PDFDocEncoding 240 0 R >> >> /DA (/Helv 0 Tf 0 g ) >> endobj 276 0 obj << /S 1672 /V 1793 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 277 0 R >> stream 10/21/10 3.1, 3.1.1 Revised conduit specifications to include 6” conduit. PROJECT TITLE PROPOSED TWO-STOREY RESIDENTIAL CLIENT LOCATION A. Under this section this paper shall be known as the standard specifications for and shall be the basis of interpretation of the plan for the proposed TWO-STOREY RESIDENCE. Specifications for Residential Construction Revision List REVISION Date Page No. $12.60. Loading bay off lane iv. The system includes building frames, steel wall and roof systems. Interior wall partitions shall be 2”x4” at 16” O.C. /Filter /FlateDecode ���a���)�%n�lA�0 easy to fill out and economical EASY TO FILL OUT AND ECONOMICAL RESIDENTIAL BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS- SOUTHspec PUBLISHING - Download PDF Specification Description. %PDF-1.4 %���� H�b```"q�� �� @16� �N�� C"�6e����]L�L��{��2U1u2d�ͤ��Ǵ���&����_&u�ƫ����y�u�q&L�Ph�L��M� ��� �l��Ž:�+�x:n��zz鱈�W�ҟ�v�:m�y�k�풛^m8�����ơ���Ί�1ܵ�^��+�}���[v���"s�۞k�eR��甽�9�Fw�/.�Kgd> �L1��u31]. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR PRE ENGINEERED BUILDING PROJECT CUSTOMER : 1X50 MWp SPV POWER PLANT,NTPC,MANDSAUR,MP : NATIONAL THERMAL POWER CORPORATION LIMITED . This specification includes metal building systems designed by the manufacturer and supplied by a single source. /Type /Page B. Roofing 1. 4.4 NON-RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS The minimum area for office room/shop or any other space to be used as workspace shall not be less than 6.0 sq m. with a minimum width of 2.1 m. 4.5 OTHER GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 4.5.1 Kitchen Every room to be used as a kitchen shall have a) Unless separately provided in a pantry, means for washing of kitchen utensils, which shall lead directly or through a sink … /Length 13 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode @�AUw�k�q�K�M�0�|��$��=7�R�+���csb�.Z&7�@n�Eg?1� National Building Specification, is for all building structures, with specialist packages for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, structural engineers, service engineers and domestic owners. H��Wێ�6����y��W��}�^R�h��K^(�^�+�*I��(��ݤ�6�9�̜9sf|����h�%�� l�0��#\�|"P�C�Md?Ux�\�`��՚D�1I��= 7�B����[Qjo]����o�V� �A��Q��(��j4��uL��DWs�E�� �$�L��ɿ��c�8��Xߎ��&-g� �8��Y����ok�=B��N�@���;^QЮ� Floor framing shall be 2”x10”, kiln dried to 19% moisture 10. /Font << In general, the more detail in the written specifications, the better. Principle amendments and additions include a general review of the technical requirements, updating the international standards (such as ASTM, BS and BS EN etc.) %PDF-1.2 Design the building for seismic loads as per IS 1893 (Part 1): 2002. OUTLINE SPECIFICATIONS FOR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: I. ?h9T�P����%��ᅆ�-�l�!�'��}�a��J���iVCy4(hI+-$�hU YӮbpກ�?�>Bg�A�J��mfWa���5S#TkDeM�� �����4�ғ����k������y��[�� ����SG�߇�W�_�Z � JMygQ=�0]��'�� WGr[�E^ƅ 1�E�"��喠�J���Q�2���m��4_؁>2���B�~^P�Ë�⳨�6���e���-�E���V���롆Y��K.D���؄������c� /F2 10 0 R 8.2-8.2.7 9/20/10 1.1 Revised cost for items 6 (per-lot charge) and 8 (streetlight materials). Residential Outline Specifications September 2014 1. in building better projects. /Resources << : 02 Page 2 of 38 COPYRIGHT AND CONFIDENTIAL The … Separate commercial elevator access from parkade to 10th Street NW iii. UDA Specifications Project Name Page 20 of 70 DIVISION 03 00 00. Contract Rates & Specifications for your Home Construction Tricon Builders (Engineers & Contractors) Besides Manappuram Finance Limited Market junction, Eriyad, Kodungallur Thrissur, Kerala – 680666, India. The DHA Specification is a detailed, prescriptive type specification to assist builders and designers with the key acceptable construction principles that may be utilised in the construction of DHA houses. Wall load for 9 inches is given as 12.42 KN/m2 and AUS-SPEC is the Local Government specification system for the life-cycle management of assets. ArCH is the leader in creating and providing residential specifications to Licensed Architects. This is a downloadable PDF document with fillable fields and is licenced to the applicant for a one off use to nominate construction of the building on the land as identified. 5 Form No. The Manual of standard building specifications has served since 1992 as the reference document on buildings used both internally by the Commission departments and by the Commission’s external partners in the Brussels property market. Analysis and design for main block is to be performed. Construction drawings focus on a building’s shape, appearance, and dimensions, while the written construction specifications, or specs, focus on what materials will be used and how they should be installed. \ �L��;�����S}�����v�>��uد�x>0��lW��]).v��WO�Upi�����4-r���5I����t,���=V��[�A��8o͑�Gs��e�r�U}z5u��#X�=��cK9Jy�����38p���2;��A���RY8P -�����6�u�k�7�V��V^$�]s=T\�� �hٱ���ms���ԕ���F��V���"��? These specifications shall be part and parcel of the attached plans hereto and shall … building houses in places that are less vulnerable, like away from river beds and sea shores and steep cliffs. The main objective of this GS is to provide systematic and quality specification on works, which are commonly found in residential buildings maintenance. /Contents 12 0 R << >> Standard NSW Housing Specification of construction requirements, including a schedule of fittings, fixtures and finishes. >> NATSPEC, the National Building Specification includes specialist packages for all building design professionals, plus home owners. General a. Non-member $18.30. 909 Plumbing Specifications 1744 Johnson St. /ProcSet 2 0 R Variations. >> Specifications for doors, windows and other fenestrations are included. Add to cart. TD-106-2 Rev No. Packages include Urban and Open Category. No extra in any form will be paid unless it is definitely stated as an item in the Bill of Quantities. Enter Project Land Identification. General 1. stream Residential. Residential Building Specification. Enter Land Owner's Name. SPECIFICATIONS DIVISION 15.MECHANICAL 15000 – General - Contractor shall review construction documents and provide labor and materials pertaining to the mechanical systems as required in said documents and as specified herein, while 17 0 obj >> 2. Specifications of Building Construction (Civil) Works 1. 13 0 obj Without detailed specs, you don’t really know what to expect in the finished project. ����o,�,�h�%¾�`� [�n���~�$���C���+!R��o���#���-R(O|O��$M"�m%��B��rݛ�Q�(�tN4a����X6^B`�$�na�D�������]�9c8��U���lE�-P^p�H����� �腠�����|�F'��f.�f4�!�`Ar�YE�9Q���7V��V�,F!� ��*)�3��An �0l��&�@94Yo�%7�c��hiF��L�%��W�t�'&*_��[�A?�!ҳ�P�� ]d*�Ú䫤(8u�������m�� �$�z�?%�L�������/O��WڝJ��pAn�4n�U���Y�?���C�G�n�GA�0(õ�H��8�c�{���w��0T��1�ѱ�0��(Fw6#kJb�k����‚�L7ɒ�f���P�h����ɘ���n��h�y��b�}�'���$&)�[¿�G�W�?%��K��_f(b Page 2 Table of Contents Section 1 Invitation for Bids Section 2 Scope of Work Bid Form Section 3 Lead Overview of Property Section 4 Requisition of Instructions to Bidders Insurance Requirements Contract . Private AWCS – Typical 2 Storey Residential Specification SunCentral Maroochydore Report Authorisation UMOW LAI Consulting Engineers (B.SRC0101-SP-M001) 05/02 /2018 iii REPORT AUTHORISATION PROJECT: PRIVATE AWCS – TYPIC AL 2 STOREY RESIDENT IAL … Guides and Forms. residential building as pe r IS Code 875 part-2 and as there is no need of giving Dead load in E-TABS which is an advantageous thing. Window sills shall be 2”x6” pressure treated lumber 9. /F0 6 0 R Back to top Cladding may be other producer supplied under other sections of the specification. A standard residential building of bungalow type with has drawing room, dining room office room, guest room, kitchen room, store, pantry, dressing room, bath room, front verandah, stair etc., for other house the number of rooms may be reduced according to the requirements of many available. UDA Construction Specifications Sample - Concrete (PDF: 364 KB / 5 pages) With UDA Construction Specifications, you can: Protect your bottom line with comprehensive construction specifications to ensure that your estimate covers the entire scope of the project. �\U���_��5����;�m仭����Vi���n�GP�Rru�1��kH�Ϙ�N�=(�ٙ��E�BD��x��0s y`�=BIWX>3�C1|�5�~Ca�Q�V�!���@�2ڙ&F)}���2d��"w�܈A�9TF�������~9zĢU�P��5�;�y��(C�A)H�p��E�S�l8. making system of your residential construction project. << Separate indoor commercial and residential waste and recycling areas v. thControlled access to residential lobby entrance off 10 Street NW vi. It is based on NATSPEC and amended to incorporate DHA's requirements. �'�t���+L�,�lϟYN�O;0�i۞��'|)��zI�X�Y2OfM��� GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS. Domestic Online can be accessed by subscribers and one-off users to significantly streamline the specification creation process for residential project specifications. Plans and specifications are defined by the Building Act 2004. endobj H��T�n�H���g��i��y3� ���fF����M�`dCf���7{ #�� D��N�:u��t�6]�k�. Your architect or builder can assist you with this project. GS 2012-02). Residential Specification SunCentral Maroochydore Report No B. SRC0101 -SP -M001 engineering sustainable environments Date 05/02/2018 . Specify details for: 1 x SOUTHspec Publishing 'Specification of Building Works' (Electronic) Total Price: $95.00 (Includes GST) 1. %���� INTENT AND APPLICATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS SECTION . CONCRETE 03 00 00 - Concrete Contractor shall review construction documents and provide labor and materials pertaining to concrete and foundations as required in said documents and as specified herein, while complying with all applicable building codes. Doc.No: PROJECT ENGINEERING & SYSTEMS DIVISION BHEL RCPURAM, HYDERABAD –32 PY60051 Rev No. Make a copy of the layout and define the rules of excavation. Exterior walls shall be 2”x6” and 16” O.C. Industrialized Housing and Buildings - Residential Builder’s Guide Revised August 31, 2005 Marginal Markings – Solid vertical lines within the right hand margins of the guide indicate revisions to the guide.
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